English 12

English 12

Ms. Bartlett

This year we will be exploring the themes of self and identity through our literature and our writing.  Expect that you will write (a lot!) and read (even more than we write) and work on being able to clearly and concisely express yourself through language. 

Top 10 Tips For Getting Through ENGLISH 12 and passing the course….

  1. Come prepared—ready to learn and work.




  2. Be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in class—I am expecting that everyone participates in discussions and contributes to our learning.  You will get more out of this class if you participate and engage—don’t just take up space in the room.  Use your voice and share your thoughts and insights.




  3. DO YOUR READING! In order to fully engage in class, it is imperative that you do all assigned reading.  You will be unable to complete class writings or participate in discussions without preparing the night before by doing the reading.  Do yourself a favor—just read![1]




  4. Ask questions! When you don’t understand something, when you need further clarification, when we are reading, when we are discussing…whenever!  One of the best ways to learn is to ask questions and seek out answers, and by doing this we will have more enjoyable classes and you’ll be more successful.




  5. Do the homework.  Unfortunately, we cannot get done in class everything that needs to be done, and thus, homework assignments.  Late homework will rarely be accepted, and if I do take it, you will receive minimal credit for the assignment. Turning in late assignments for credit will require that you speak to me and make arrangements for making up the work. 




  6. Complete all assigned essays.  We will write several essays over the course of the year.  Some will be short reflective pieces, others will be more long and complex.  These will be major grades (hint: need them to pass). 




  7. Don’t procrastinate.  In order to be successful, you will need to meet all deadlines.  Don’t put off assignments or long-term projects.  Plan and get them done on time.




  8. Be respectful.  I will not tolerate excessive talking or negative comments (about yourself or others), even if they are made just in jest.  The classroom needs to be a place where everyone feels respected and safe.




  9. Try your best.  I like effort—I want to see it in class and in your completed assignments.




  10. Be in school.  It is important that you are IN SCHOOL.  You cannot pass this course if you are frequently absent or if you give into senioritis.[2]

[1] NOTE: Reading SparkNotes, CliffsNotes, or any other “study guide” instead of doing the actual reading is not going to get you very far in this class…save yourself the headache and heartache of failing grades by just doing the assigned reading.


[2] Senioritis (noun): A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors.  Symptoms include: laziness, lack of studying or effort, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude. 
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