Senior Capstone Project

Senior Capstone Project

(formally the Senior Option)

 Select an issue of popular concern that has a current impact on society.  For the issue you select—you will research the background of the issue and then present your findings in a “Call to Action” paper.  When completed, your paper should be at least 8 pages (not including the Works Cited pages). 

 In your paper, you must:

·         Present the background information on the topic—what does the audience need to know about the issue? Why is this currently an issue for society? 

·         Include current beliefs held on this issue—this is where you look to the “experts” (sources) for insights into this issue. Share what others are writing on this issue and then analyze what they have to say and why it matters.

·         Discuss the impact of this issue--The topic must affect two of the following impacts—social, economic, or political.

·         Propose a “solution” to address this issue—what measures or steps need to be done to “solve” this issue? 

·         Explain how this proposed solution will impact society. (Address the two impacts you discussed earlier in the essay)

 For this project—you will

1.      Propose a topic and free write on current thoughts and understandings

2.      Research and create annotated notes on  your research

3.      Write an Annotated Bibliography

4.      Write a Formal Outline

5.      Compose a rough draft to be critiqued by your teachers

6.      Conference with teachers on your draft

7.      Revise draft and conference again with teachers (as needed)

8.      Submit a final copy of paper

9.      Present your paper and defend your solution to a panel of people.  For this presentation, you must decide on a way to present your information—you can write a speech, create a document/visual (PowerPoint, Web Page, Brochure, Poster), or compile a fact sheet.  In addition, be prepared to answer questions about your issue and what you had to say in your paper. 

This is an extensive project that we will work on over months.  It is essential that you keep all your project materials and meet all deadlines.  Failure to meet deadlines can possibly result in failing the project.  Since this project is filling in for the Senior Option, it will serve as your REAP credit.  This project will also take the place of your Government final exam and be configured in part of your Portfolio project for Composition II. 


Formal Outline Template--below
Instructions for completing the formal outline--below

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