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Spelling City
Teachers in grades 2-4 are loading their spelling lists, locate your teacher's name and begin practicing. Learning spelling words can be great fun!
Interactive website for beginner to intermediate students learning to read. Audio assistance is available.
Check out parts of speech, word chunks, vocabulary words, learn to spell and have fun all at the same time.


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Aplus Math
Various math activities, flash cards, games for all grade levels K-6. All meet NYS standards.
IXL Math
All teachers and students in grades 1 - 6 have usernames and passwords for their individual subscriptions. This site gives students another way to improve their math skills.
Math games for all ages. Earn medals for our school! Remember to log in.
Mad minutes for math facts and much more!
Sheppard Software
Useful for all K-6 students. Great help with math facts, language arts and many other skills.
Turtle Diary
Fun practice with math facts and additional math skills.
Math Magic
Math fact practice - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Johnny's Math Page
Fun math practice.
What's My Angle
Tutorials and practice with learning angles and measuring of them.
HOODA math
Grades K-6 math activities to practice and have fun with.


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Animal Spot
Read about animals around the world.
A-Z animals
A great site to use for researching and learning about animals.
Learn to manage your own virtual city or town.
Science Views
An image filled educational website featuring Fossils and Dinosaurs, Rocks, Animals, Plants, History, Parks, Native Americans, and more.

Skills with a Twist

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This is a great website for all ages. We only have it for a short time so have fun while learning!
A great website for all elementary students. Have fun while learning.
Keyboarding exercises
This is a free website with no password. ***Looks boring but is full of fun while strengthening keyboarding skills.
toy theater
A fun way to practice math, science, art and ELA skills. Enjoy!
pbs kids
Have fun and learn at the same time.
On line coloring activities by topic or event.
Knowledge Adventure
Various activities for elementary students involving keyboarding, arrow keys, the number pad, and skills for memory and concentration. Check out Cup Stacking for improving your keyboarding skills.

Social Studies
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Time for Kids
National Geographic for Kids
Learn about animals, places to visit, habitats, and much much more.
Biographies and life stories for kids.